Our annual product provides you with a higher rate of interest, fixed at 8% per annum and offers a lucrative alternative to traditional savings accounts.

Interest is calculated immediately upon cleared funds and is paid annually directly into your bank account.  Furthermore, there is no time limit on your investment beyond the 12 month initial period.

As with all our investment products, you can invest from as little as £5,000 and there is no maximum limit on the amount you can put away with Harewood.

Additionally, only three months’ notice is required from month 9 of the investment to withdraw part or all of your investment.

Interest is fixed and fully guaranteed throughout the 12 month initial period and your capital is safely secured against Harewood’s own UK based residential developments.

8% annual return

12 months initial term

3 months withdrawal notice

Invest from £5000


8% Return investment

Are you looking for a fixed monthly income from your savings? This short-term investment option provides monthly interest payments and gives you full access to your capital after just one year.

10% Return investment

Are you looking for a short-term investment which provides fixed annual capital growth? This investment provides a higher rate of return with a one off annual payment and gives you full access to your capital after just one year.

12% Return Investment

Are you looking for a medium to long term investment that produces fixed capital growth year on year? Leave your savings untouched for 3 years and receive 10% interest per annum, which provides 30% return at the end of year three.