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“I have found Harewood nothing but helpful in answering any queries we had before we invested funds. We have received a monthly interest payments on a regular monthly basis as agreed and cannot fault the company.

We are very pleased with the rate of return on our investment which is much higher than anything the High-Street Banks or Building societies can offer. We would recommend them to anyone.

Michael Cooper
Valued Harewood Client for Nearly Two Years

“My experience with Harewood has been faultless. I decided to invest in the package providing 10% annual return. The monthly payments are there each month without fail, resulting in me investing another lump sum since. Initially, one is concerned that the rates are high because of the added risk but examining the manner in which the plan is put together I was satisfied that with the property background, and the way the property market is now and in the foreseeable future, such risk is slim and I would recommend investing. The company’s staff provide a top line service.

Colin Armstrong
Happy Investor with Harewood since Summer 2016

“I was impressed by the clear explanation of the details of the investment and the efficiency with which my application to invest was dealt. I am of course very pleased with the high rate of interest that I receive each month.”

Janet Smith
Over 4 Years as a Harewood Investor

“I have had an excellent service from Harewood from day one. Mr Peter Kiely and his staff have always been very professional and I have every confidence that the company will continue to produce the high monthly return on my investment. I have no personal connections with the company and would be pleased to speak to any potential investors to give more detailed feedback.”

Jonathon Daw
Delighted Harewood Customer since Christmas 2012

“I have held investments with Harewood for nearly two years now. My first investment was taking much longer to mature than anticipated but much to my surprise I was offered the opportunity to switch to a different product with an enhancement on my capital – unheard of in financial circles! I am getting the promised dividend every month without fail. Thank you. I would recommend Harewood to anyone needing a monthly income from their investments.

Ciaran Fleming
Part of the Harewood Family Since 2015

“I am only too happy to let you know how delighted I am with what your company is doing for me. I am also planning to recommend your company to a number of friends. I just wish I had known of you sooner. It would certainly have helped my financial situation over the last few years.”

Audrey Gowan
Long term Investor since December 2012

“I am only too happy to let you know how delighted I am with what your company is doing for me. I am also planning to recommend your company to a number of friends. I just wish I had known of you sooner. It would certainly have helped my financial situation over the last few years.”

Peter Bayley
Celebrating 2 Years of High Returns with Harewood

“I have been an investor with Harewood Associates since January 2013. In my dealings with the company’s representatives I have always found them helpful, efficient and professional.”

Gerald Calverley
Valued Customer for over 4 years

“My wife and I have been with Harewood since 2012. When I was working I occasionally had sales bonuses etc, and was able to save a little. Each time I had money to invest I would go online and search for the best rate 5 year bond, usually between 4.5 and 6 %. The trouble came later when these 5 year bonds started maturing and the available rates had by then fallen to between 1 and 1.5%. On searching around for an alternative investment, I came across Harewood. Financial Advisors had told me in the past that if something looks too good to be true then it probably is. I was interested enough to phone Harewood up and spoke to Peter Kiely direct. He explained how Harewood worked and how they could pay a good interest rate. I made an investment then in 2012 and have never regretted it. I have invested more sums of money since when each 5 year bond matured.

My investment with Harewood has been a significant benefit to my retirement, thank you Harewood.”

Nigel Smith
Delighted Harewood Customer since 2012

“I cannot thank you enough, I am so grateful to Harewood Associates releasing me from my contracted investment. A life threatening medical emergency arose in my family and I needed to raise substantial funds. Having tried to get my pension paid early without success, my last resort was to approach Harewood Associates.

I fully understood the contractual side of my investment; none had reached maturity.  I was so relieved to receive the call back to confirm the director Peter Kiely (God bless that man!) had agreed to return my full investment. I cried with relief once I put the phone down. The funds were transferred within 7 days praise be!

I would recommend Harewood not just because the payments arrived on the dot into my account every month. They are a financial company with a heart. Good honest people! Once my situation has eased I will reinvest with peace of mind I am dealing with human beings who understood my difficult situation.

I am extremely grateful to you, Regards, Sarah J Hatch” 

Sarah Hatch
A Personal Letter of Thanks to Kay, Harewood’s Senior Investment Manager


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